Coto Makassar, what is that?

Hello everyone, let me to introduce my self to you, my name is Michael Reivin Limengka, you can call me Michael and this is my first blog writing in KitaINA. So my first story come from my village it is Makassar. Makassar has known with metropolitan city in the east part of Indonesia. In Makassar city you can found many tourist attraction, but now I don’t tell you about the tourist attraction but I will tell you about the traditional food that makes you feeling deeper in love with Makassar, let’s we called it Coto Makassar. Coto Makassar is one of delicious traditional foods that you can found in Makassar, like most traditional food in Makassar like Pallubasa, Sop Sodara, Konro and other that consist from meat and innards, Coto also have it. But the things that make Coto special than another traditional food in Makassar is the gravy.

The gravy of Coto Makassar has made from 40 different spices, the local people in Makassar says rampah patang pulo. The spices like peanuts, clove, candlenut, nutmeg, lemongrass, galangal and other has completed in delicious a bowl of Coto. Also for make the meat soft and to reduce the stinky from the beef, the leaf of papaya have to used. The beef and innards (liver, tongue, brain, tripe, lungs, heart and others) are cut dice and ready to served to consumers. If you eating Coto, some sort of sambal is usually a must, and the Makassar people loves to eat their Coto with sambal tauco, also my self. Another typical accompaniment is buras (rice cooked in coconut milk and spices then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to make rice cakes) or Ketupat (same with Buras but use pandan leaves.


I think Coto Makassar successful always be my favourite traditional food, and make me homesick also. Oh ya, I forget to tell you guys, now I’m studying in Bali and take tourism major in national university it is Udayana University. In here (Bali) you can found too Coto Makassar and the taste it’s pretty good and not bad, the taste likes the original made sfrom Makassar. Everytime I eat it in here, I remembering my village in Makassar and that’s make me feel homesick you know. If you want to eat or try Coto Makassar in Bali, I recommended you to eat it in Sesetan street, you can found Coto Regency in there and the price about IDR. 20.000 for a bowl of super delicious Coto and IDR. 5.000 for a plate of rice. cheap isn’t it?

Coto Makassar

Student of Udayana University in Tourism Major. Love travelling, eat, movies and Bali 🙂

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