How to Choose Accommodation in Labuan Bajo


Labuan Bajo, a gate to Komodo National Park hides some hidden gems that waiting to be revealed. Not only komodo sailing live on board trip, the area has some nice spots like Mirror Cave, Silvia Hill, and Wacicu Hill.  That's why we need to spend night in Labuan Bajo at least 1 night before or after sailing trip.

How to get to Labuan Bajo?

For the convenience way, i suggest to take flight with detail above.
And then, upon arrival in Komodo Airport Labuan Bajo, you can take taxi, cost Rp. 50.000/car/transfer to central area. You will meet lots of taxi driver at arrival gate. The transfer rate on May 2016 was Rp.50.00/car/transfers to central area. The taxi is just a car, without branding like the taxi in Jakarta. Usually the car has 6 seats like APV, Xenia, Avanza.

And then, how to choose the accommodation in Labuan Bajo?
In my opinion, it depends the atmosphere that you want. Labuan Bajo is splited into 3 areas, you can check the map below:
a) Area Central  (see the green circles)
This is my favourite area and also the most lively area in Labuan Bajo. You can see line of homestays, hotels, coffee shops, travel agents, dive centers, cake shops, mini markets, warongs, laundry, car rental, motorbike rental. From central area to Kampung Ujung Culinary Area (open at noon) takes 30 minutes walking.
The advantage of this area:
1) near harbour, i met some divers who walking from dive center at central area to the harbour
2) you can enjoy the sunset from your window room or just sit at coffee shop around there. The view from this area will be like this:

b) Area Culinary (see the orange circles)

This area located near Kampung Ujung Culinary, at Soekarno Hatta street, very ideal for those who want to have fresh sea food dinner by short walking distance.

c) Area Resort / Quiet Area  (see the blue circles)

This area located far from central, usually takes 20-45 minutes to reach from airport/central area. This area suits for honeymooners, or those who adore silent and quiet atmosphere. Some of the accommodation are: La Prima (beach front), Sylvia Komodo (beach front), Bintang Flores, Jayakarta (beach front).

Range homestay and hotel rate in Labuan Bajo
Tent with fan: start from Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 110.000/person/night (exclude breakfast)
Homestay room with fan : start from Rp. 120.000 - Rp. 150.000/room/night (exclude breakfast)
Homestay room with AC : start from Rp. 300.000 - Rp. 500.000/room/night (include simple breakfast)
Hotel room with TV, breakfast buffet, AC : start from Rp. 750.000 - Rp. 1.250.000/room/night (include buffet breakfast)

I prefer area central and area culinary to stay. When stayed 7 days in Labuan Bajo around May 2016, i did homestay hoping from one place to another. There're 7 places that we tried. Tired? Of course. Can you imagine you have to unload the clothes and then packed again in the morning, everyday. It totally homeworks for us with 35L carrier. :D From the hype well-known instagramable homestay to boutique hostel. We tried some of them.

For traveller who choose room with fan, i recommend to try Manta Manta Homestay, around 150K/room/night without breakfast.

For traveller who choose room with AC, i recommend to try Komodo Lodge, around 500K/room/night with breakfast and hot water.

For traveller who choose room with AC, pool, breakfast buffet, TV, i recommend to try La Prima, around 800K/room/night include breakfast buffet.

So, did you choose your accommodation style at Labuan Bajo?


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