#Ingetkampung PURWOREJO- From the Exotic Black Sand to the Biggest Bedug in the World


Every place is special on their version.  Let me introduce you, Purworejo, a small city located in Central Java-or I usually called it “near Yogyakarta” when people ask me where is it. Purworejo is not really well known as another city that people dream to visit. But for me, Purworejo is more than special. Not only because I was born there, but also because it keeps beauty which nobody notices well.  So, let see what I have to tell you about how amazing Purworejo is .


Exotic Black Sand Connected with Indian Ocean

When you visit Purworejo, please come to Jetis Beach, or Jatimalang beach, or Ketawang Beach. Oh, I think all of which are fabulously gorgeous.  Jetis beach has colorful umbrellas and evergreen conifers of Casuarina equisetifolia. It is truly nice to have picnic there with your families, buddies, or, sweeties perhaps?

Ketawang beach has light house and you can climb it to see breathtaking view of deep Blue Ocean meets with exotic black sand. You can also enjoy wave breaking over sloping beach. While Jatimalang offers you affordable fresh seafood and kite festivals in certain days.

Beaches in Purworejo are dominated by Ipomoea pescaprae-whose flowers are purple that describe it kind of forest beach formation.

For the sunset hunters, beaches in Purworejo should be list on your vacation plan because sure, it never disappointing !


A Hidden Paradise- Waterfall and Pine Forest for the Nature Lovers

Moving from zero meters above sea level, then follow me to another side of my lovely Purworejo. If you are a nature lover, Bruno or Kaligesing is always a good idea. You can find Seplawan cave-which also famous for its Gardu Pandang, amazing waterfalls, wondrous and dramatic view of pine forest ( the best moment is between 4 pm when fog start raising and cover all ), and Javanese eagle when you are lucky.

Bedhug Kyai Bagelen- The Biggest Bedug in the World.

Bedhug is Indonesian traditional drum which shows Islamic culture. With the diameters of almost two meters, Bedhug Kyai Bagelen becomes the biggest bedug in Indonesia, also in the world. It was made by huge teak tree with 5 branches in 1834.

There are many things that can not be described of how wonderful Purworejo- but I will tell you later when you are coming here.

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See you !

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