Sunday Short Escape - Kepulauan Seribu


Ever since I live in Jakarta, it's kinda hard for me to make time doing traveling around the place. So when my friends offered me to join on a short trip to Kepulauan Seribu, I was more than delighted to go, I was excited, -finally my Sunday was not going to be wasted at home- We decided to use a travel agent as we don't wanna get so much troubles preparing the trip, the travel agent fees included transportation (we use fisherman wooden ship) fee, lodging fee, snorkeling fee, and 3 times meals fee. Actually we were pretty unfortunate since our travel agent was unprofessional. The tour guide was late, there was mistake in the lodging and foods were pretty bad -i know i know, let's just don't feel bad for me, okay?- So if you want better experience than me I suggest you to arrange your own journey. You can look all  information on internet .-duh, obviously, where would you look any other way than internet?-  

Okay, moving on. We were scheduled to board on ship at 6 a.m. yet the tout guide barely came in at 7 a.m., so we boarded at 8. At that time the sun shine pretty bright -so bright, i think my tanning was starting too soon, even before i hit the beach- and to our surprise, the ship we used was just a small over capacity wooden ship. I can't swim, there was no life vest provided -I was literally in horror, i remembered i updated my path status so if my friends watch the news there was a ship sink in the middle of java sea, at least they now i was on the ship and probably they will look and pray for me- With all prayers that i could remember i bravely went into the ship and off we go! It took about 3 hours before we arrived on Harapan island~

-the ship was so packed up of all people-

The scene on the ship made me and my friends over exhausted -I was glad the ship did not sink. THANKS GOD!- we were starting to feel maybe this was not a relaxed holiday, maybe we should all stay unproductive at home. But as soon as we docked at the pier, we could see the so-clear-sea-water-omg. I couldn't believe it at first, I mean Jakarta is over polluted city, the air, the water, the land all of them are exposed to trashes, and to find a clear beach near Jakarta ... it's -oh-so-amazing-  This was starting to feel like holiday for me~


-oh so blue sea-

The next thing we did was put all stuffs in the inn, then going to the sea. We snorkeled for a long time -since I did not swim, what i did was tanning all over my body  and face- My friends got to swim and see reefs all over the place while i was taking beauty picture of my tanning face. We visited 3 islands at that time : Macan island, another island, and another island -sorry, i couldn't remember what other 2 islands since all islands look the same-


-this was taken before we tanned, still being pretty as usual- 


-this is my friend getting ready to snorkel-


-enjoying sea splashing time-


-meanwhile i enjoy taking pictures in sunny weather *phew*tanning time*-

After -we're-done-with tanning- we went offshore on an island and had a playful time. I rode a game called Doughnut  and  my friends tried rode on Banana Boat. That was not scary at all for me -I'm a girl full of adrenaline, I'm on faaaiiiyaaaah- but it was enough to make me feel dizzy. We paid idr 20.000 for each person on each game, we rode first then paid. Lots of people wanted to take on the ride too so we had to wait until our turns -while waiting of course we took more pictures of us-


-the sand is so clean and white, it's so pretty-


-dougnut time! -


-riding a banana boat with smile, just to know the boat will flip off and all of them end up getting soaking wet-

The next day we were scheduled to visit an island called Bira Kecil, no more getting wet on that day. We just walked of the shore and enjoyed the breeze. We took a breakfast at 8 a.m. and off we go. This was the last place to visit before we went home at 1 a.m.


-this is the dock at Bira Kecil, there is a welcome statue there-


-the sea water has green-deep blue gradation-

photo690450713803860065-there's a swing on the beach, you can use it to get a cute picture-

Well, that's all how my vacation well spent! Overall i think Kepulauan Seribu has lots of interesting destination -not to mention there are thousand islands to explore- my visit was just too short to explore every spot in this place. I give 3.5/5 for this place, since the lodging and specially transportation to reach this place is very lack in safety and comfort. But i think I'll be revisiting this place again in the future since this place is near Jakarta :)

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