Tresno Karo Yogyakarta part 1


I know you guys really like traveling but how many of you have actually experienced the spiritual journey through it? By all means gaining your sense of living or just realizing that all these times your soul is trapped under the cage of unwritten circumstances they called life but the real idea is no more than just paying the bills. Well I did and this slice of journey when I was in Yogyakarta probably something I will never forget in my entire life.

At the end of January last year I had a chance to overseeing a project in Yogyakarta. I'm originally from Bandung so instead of coming there back and forth every weekend, I decided to stay there for 1.5 months. So, I could go to work every weekend and spend the rest of the week to explore the city (perfect hidden agenda, right?). I lived with my cousin around Babarsari, she works near Ambarukmo Plaza (until now I still don't know where's her office). Since she's working every weekdays (of course), I have to explore the city by myself. I can't ride a motorcycle, I can only drive a car. Since Yogyakarta isn't familiar with angkot I need to ride a bus, Trans-Jogja, for 3.000-an rupiah wherever I go. Actually, I was totally fine with the bus cause the air conditioner really saved my day life LOL. But the route of the bus didn't really cover every road in the city and ojek was quite expensive for a city where you could get Nasi Soto Ayam + jumbo sized sweet ice tea for just 5000 rupiah.

I wanted to know how is it to be a Yogyakartan. So I spent my first day in Yogyakarta by going to the zoo (to be more like a local tourist). I took the bus in front of J-Walk and also stopped right in front of the zoo, Gembira Loka. I have been dying to come here cause I've browsed it before and this zoo has flamingos! The ticket price was Rp. 20.000,- and I think it was worth the money. There are wifi-s inside the zoo, how cool is that? LOL. The zoo environment was quite good and neat, I really like it there (though almost every single human being I passed both quietly and clearly repeatedly asked, "sendirian aja mbak?").

The Tix to Gembira Loka

I love animals, that's why spending my time alone with animals is one of the most relaxing things to do for me. Yes, I would like it even more if these animals could just be set free in the wild. Probably that's also the reason why I got a bit emotional every time I visit the zoo. So, long story short finally I found the cage of flamingos, but they didn't look like as I expected them to be. And there's a huge gap between me and those flamingos so I couldn't take a closer look (fyi, I was wearing soft lenses and it didn't really fit my eyes and I broke my glasses so, yeah... LOL). But there's a huge cage where I could go inside and found peacocks everywhere. I just wanted to hug them one by one but also terrified whether it could pecked me or not.

Heavy Palm Cockatoo
Heavy Palm Cockatoo

The amusing thing about this zoo is that we could take a picture with animals. I mean having interaction with them side by side like in Taman Safari (but with less cost of course). Since I went there alone, and i needed to worry to no one's opinion, I braced myself to take a picture with snake too! I can still feel its chewy texture all over me until now LOL.

Ular Naga Panjangnya Bukan Kepalang

It was all fun until I bumped into a tortoise cage. He lived alone there in a huge garden of his own. I looked at him from afar, and suddenly he walked to my direction. I kept wondering, "is he coming this way?". Since he walked so slow I felt like everything moved in slow motion.  But then, he was there standing in front me, trying so hard to moved his head towards me, so I started to reach him, and pet him. And I started to talk, "you're alone too huh?" so it was becoming really awkward if somebody walked pass through me.

The Lonely Tortoise
The Lonely Tortoise

Out of the sudden, I felt his emptiness there. As if he was trying to convince me to stay or take him with me. I kept looking through his eyes and thinking how bad people could treat anything. They act like they're taking care of anything, but what they actually do is taking them for granted. They give him food and shelter, but leave him there alone without any companion. As I was going to leave, he suddenly dropped his tears, I was surprised and couldn't do much about it because it was also starting to rain. And I told him, "Don't you worry, everything's gonna be alright". I don't know how he is now, I hope he already has a partner. But I promised him, if I ever visit Yogyakarta, I will always visit him :)