Why are the hardest workers in the world happier than us?



First I wanted to write a standard experience article about my great adventure hiking Ijen and tell in detail about how to hike, which great views you have and how amazing the nature is.


Yes, it is. But what makes Indonesia special besides the wonderful nature are their wonderful people and their attitude.

This guy below is sulfur miner. He is my hero.


He brings the the sulphur up 350 m  to the crater rim with a lots of tourists in the way and   then 3.5 kilometres  down the mountain.

He is lifting 70-90 kg.

He earns less than 1$ an hour.

He has 2 children.

He will die early due to the toxic gases.

He seems more happy than you. 


How does this come? We earn 100$ per hour, having medical healthcare, lifting our 0,92kg macbook pro and hiking from meeting to meeting and are never satisfied. 

Think about it.

And when you next time find yourself not smiling - raise your fist - and be a bit like him.



Apa kata heroes lainnya?

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